Man on the Way (EN)


This year we are going on a pilgrimage to Brussels. On 11th of July we are starting from Ireland, Italy and Poland, on the day of St. Benedict, patron of Europe, and we hope that the God’s mercy will allow us to meet together after 2000 km on 14th September.

Europa - do Brukseli

We pray for Europe to become one house for all nations living the civilisation of love based on four principles:
1. Human before thing
2. Ethics before technology
3. „To be” before „to have”
4. Mercy before justice

Listen to Roman’s video introduction before the start of his pilgrimage.

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On my way… in Scotland

Roman: Human and Christian values are cherished and practiced here in Scotland by scouts, who gave shelter to a soaked pilgrim. Mark Grieve, a scout instructor, reacted instantly for the phone call of Pat Jacks, an owner of „Tart and tea” in the scottish town Gatehouse of Fleet where I hid from rain (greetings to both!).

They let me in the neat local scout centre (hot water, kitchen!) and equipped with all I needed for the road.

After hospitable Ireland I find Scotland as much friendly and helpful. Is that the old Gaelic tradition or just Europe I „pray by fooot” for?

Tomorrow I continue to Dumfries and Carlisle. Rain? Scouts, be prepared!

Meeting in Berlin

Grzegorz is going through Germany to Brussels in the Pilgrimage of God’s Mercy. He arrived in Berlin to meet a jew, muslim and pastor in the gesture of soliderity with the idea of HOUSE OF ONE. He joined their prayers for peace in the eastern part of Europe.

As a catholic pilgrim he gave a Board of Peace to the representatives of three religtions with the four principles of the civilisation of love based on the words of Pope John Paul II:
1. Human before thing
2. Ethics before technology
3. „To be” before „to have”
4. Mercy before justice

Message on Facebooku on a profile of House of One Berlin regarding Grzegorz's visit

Message on Facebooku on a profile of House of One Berlin regarding Grzegorz’s visit


Changing tourism into pilgrimage

Roman: I have read read in an English newspaper:
Rupert Sheldrake, an English biologist, when asked where he would begin to effect change in the World said:
„I would change tourism into pilgrimage, help tourists become pilgrims”.

Questions came to my mind:
What is pilgrimage?
Who is pilgrim?
What it means to go on pilgrimage?
What is the goal of the pilgrimage?
Why the men and the world would need to go…

Anyway I start just now!

Our message

LORD, we repent all the sins we have committed against You, because they bring us in disagreement with You and separate us from You who keep us alive and who constantly come to our rescue. We regret them, because they caused the killing of Jesus Christ, your Son, whom You love. Father, deliver us from them, we do not want to repeat them, we want to belong to You. Amen.

1. Human before thing
2. Ethics before technology
3. „To be” before „to have”
4. Mercy before justice

Seigneur, nous regrettons tous nos péchés contre toi, car ils nous éloignent de Toi et introduisent la discorde entre nous et Toi qui nous donnes la vie et sans cesse viens à notre aide. Nous les regrettons, car ils ont procuré le meurtre de Jésus Christ Ton Fils Bienaimé. Notre Père, délivre nous de ces péchés, nous ne voulons plus les répéter, mais nous voulons appartenir à Toi. Amen

1. L’homme avant la chose
2. L’éthique avant la technologie
3. „Etre” avant „avoir”
4. La miséricorde avant la justice

Heer, we hebben spijt van alle zonden die we tegen U hebben begaan, want ze brengen onenigheid en scheiden ons van U, die ons in leven houdt en ons voortdurend te hulp komt. We hebben er spijt van, omdat zij bijdragen aan de dood van Jezus Christus, uw geliefde Zoon. Vader, verlos ons van deze zonden, die we niet meer willen begaan, omdat we aan U toebehoren. Amen.

1. Mens voor zaak
2. Ethiek voor technologie
3. „Zijn” voor „hebben”
4. Barmhartigheid voor gerechtigheid

Signore, ci dispiace per tutti i peccati che abbiamo commesso contro di te perché portano discordia e ci separano da te, tu che ci mantieni vivi e vieni continuamente in nostro soccorso. Ci rammarichiamo, perché contribuiscono alla morte di Gesù Cristo, tuo Figlio prediletto. Padre, salvaci dai peccati che non vogliamo ripetere, perché apparteniamo a Te. Amen.

1. L’umano prima della cosa
2. L’etica prima della tecnologia
3. L’“essere” prima dell’ „avere”
4. La misericordia prima della giustizia

Herr, wir bereuen alle Sünden die wir gegen Dich begangen haben. Sie entfernen uns von dir und bringen Zwietracht zwischen uns und Dir, der Du uns das Leben gibst und uns unaufhörlich hilfst. Wir bereuen sie, denn sie tragen bei zum Tod Jesu Christi, deines vielgeliebten Sohnes. Unser Vater, erlöse uns von diesen Sünden, wir möchten sie nicht mehr begehen, denn wir wollen Dir gehören. Amen.
1. Mensch vor Sache
2. Ethik vor Technologie
3. “Sein” vor “haben”
4. Barmherzigkeit vor Gerechtigkeit